Whether you’re launching your business, showcasing your work, promoting an event or starting a blog — you can do it all with the OliveCore website builder.

Manage and grow your business online

With complete content control, you can create a unique, professional-looking website by selecting one of our flexible templates and then choosing your own colours, pictures, fonts and layout. With OliveCore, the possibilities are endless.

Easy editing

Building a website with OliveCore is like using building blocks. You can start with any pre-built set, add flexible content blocks, and customise each until you have your perfect website. No coding necessary.

Try different templates before your website goes live

All of our templates are designed with intuitive content editing technology – using the same image aspect ratio and text fields makes it possible to change templates without having to re-upload or edit any of your websites content. 

Lightning-fast hosting

No need to worry about setup, security, or updates — just publish and enjoy world-class hosting, ensuring your site is fast and stable for visitors, no matter where they come from.


  • Cutting-edge templates

    Beautiful, responsive themes, designed by award-winning graphic designers, to showcase your business on all browsers, tablets and smartphones.

  • Industry-leading SEO

    Everything you need to promote your business on search engines and social networks.

  • Customise colours & fonts

    Use our advanced editing options to choose your main colour palette, fonts and theme.

  • Blogging tools

    Share your story, post company news, or announce a product release. Categorise, create, and share your business with the world.

  • Total design freedom

    Customise your website effortlessly with the OliveCore suite of fast, easy-to-use editing tools.

  • White-label ready

    Customise your client’s experience by replacing the OliveCore logo with their logo – or even your own.