OliveCore was founded in 2019 by Kristian Philips, eighteen years after launching his first business, Neo-Optic, which is a full-service web design and development company.

Neo-optic continues to grow and over the last 18 years has built hundreds of websites from a single page for a jazz musician to a huge multi-language, database-driven site capable of processing thousands of online sales every minute. 

As the world moves increasingly online, Neo-Optic’s focus is shifting to the complex end of the website building business with teams of developers working on bespoke coding for complex retail sites and so OliveCore was born to look after the other end of the Neo-Optic business. The OliveCore website builder has been developed specifically for people who know their business and know what they want their website to look like but don’t have the requisite coding skills to build their own site. The mission statement in development OliveCore was simple: A tool that’s accessible for everyone, which makes building your own website fun.